Hello cyber world.  Just to briefly introduce myself I am imsonotcoolcuz, or in other words I am the cousin of imsonotcool.  It’s only fitting that I get a blog after she does because it seems all my life I have looked up to her, some might even say idolized, so this is just me following in her footsteps again (maybe my name should have been imsonotoriginal).  As I sit here and think what the hell am I supposed to blog about I have the Dodger/Phillies NLCS Game 1 playing on my TV.  My boyfriend is there and he continually pops on the screen because he is sitting behind homeplate.  And that’s when it hits me…dealbreakers.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a die hard Giants fan and have been for 22 years.  (Yes, when I stopped to think about it I could hardly believe I could say I’m anything for 22 years.)  I have had a history of dating Dodger fans, I guess that is a possible hazard of living in southern California, and I should have learned my lesson.  My current boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years.  This year, our baseball rivalry has escalated into our personal relationship.  Before I delve into this, let’s explore common dealbreakers…smoker, checking your significant others’ messages, cheating (kind of a big one), etc.  Well, add baseball to the list.  We have considered counseling, maybe to prevent the animosity we share for the upcoming baseball seasons.  April-September is a long time to not be getting along with the person you are supposed to love the most.  It is a two-way street.  I won’t blame it on the fact that he’s a bandwagon fan and overnight became a die hard Dodger fan the last two years when they’ve made the playoffs.  The first two years of our relationship he wasn’t so gung-ho about them.  I, on the other hand, was very clear about my feelings for the Giants from the get go.  I am a fan when they are great and I am a fan (although a miserable one) when they suck.  Either way, I am loyal and I will still defend them to death.  I feel my loyalty was proven stronger when I asked my boyfriend one day “If I told you you had to pick the Dodgers or me, who would you pick?”  He answered “you of course” to which I responded “oh.”  Of course he proceeded to ask me the same question to which I paused and said “the Giants.”  Although an ultimatum is a dealbreaker…

The battle becomes especially heated when our two teams play each other, which happens a lot in the course of the season.  We make several games at piece of shit Dodger Stadium.  (Really, I have visited many ball parks and this one is the pits!)  Games we can’t make we may watch at a local bar with some of his friends.  I’m usually the odd-man out in these situations with everyone rooting for the Dodgers, however that doesn’t mean I keep my mouth shut.  (One of my favorite times in Dodger Stadium is singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh inning stretch.  Most Dodger fans have left by then after arriving in the third inning and I scream at the top of my lungs root root root for the GIANTS!)  I remember one night watching a game between the Giants and Dodgers at a bar in Redondo Beach with my boyfriend and another (Dodger fan) couple.  You could say I’m not very coridal when it involves the Giants and interaction with Dodger fans.  The guys were teasing me and I was getting pissed so his friend’s wife said “eventually you’re going to have to switch your loyalties” to which I replied “I’d rather switch the people I’m hanging out with.” 

So for those of you singletons out there, think long and hard before you dive into a relationship with someone who roots for a rival team than yours.  It may seem like friendly banter at first, but eventually it will turn into a dealbreaker.


2 Responses to “Dealbreakers”

  1. uncool Says:

    very well done cousin. good job brushing over your lack of cordiality with dodgers fans. and is it really just dodger fans? i seem to remember an adolescent whose dad had to break up a brawl she instigated with a couple of reds(or is it indians?) fans……

    • imsonotcoolcuz Says:

      It’s mainly dodger fans, but yes you are right. Early in my career I had run-ins with Padre fans and a Cubs fan because he said I was too loud. I told him if he wanted to root for the Cubbies then go to Wrigley Field, what did he expect at Candlestick? I was like 12.

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